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Jandin Miller

Jandin Miller

Vice President of Operations

Being responsible for client first impressions may seem like a daunting task to some, but I view it as an adventure. Everyone has a story, a passion, or a life lesson to tell and I strive to uncover it. I will offer you a fresh baked cookie with a cup of hot coffee, not as a customer service ploy, but instead to relax and chat with a new friend.  I am also the lead worker for our eMoney program.  eMoney utilizes your current financial picture to run simulations for your retired future self.  It is a great tool to help confirm whether you are on track to live confidently in your later years, invest differently, plan for college costs, or to help decide on a retirement timeline.  

I graduated from Grand Valley State University with a B.S. degree in Advertising and Public Relations.  I played three years of softball for the Lakers and one year of intramural flag football where I received league MVP.  Upon graduating, I followed my then future husband as he moved up the ranks in his career with small reception jobs.  Once we settled in his childhood hometown, I obtained a job with the Department of Human Services that for four years drained me mentally and emotionally.  Now my family rejoices that I am able to come home with so much joy and enthusiasm, because of my employment with Callesen Wealth Management in the spring of 2014.

I love spending time with my husband Bryan, and our toddler daughter Nora.  We are avid outdoorsmen who love sports and competition.  After a brief excursion to Huntington Beach, CA, I have been bitten by the surfing bug and I would love to try it on the Great Lakes.  In the fall/winter you can find me up 20' in a tree with my bow in hand.  I have a passion for creating invention prototypes and hope to one day hold a patent.